Day 177: Oh great

Day 177: Oh great

Day 177: Oh great

Thursday, 26 June 2014

And by “great” I mean the complete opposite – all of this was meant to have been over by now. 

Nine weeks of allowing my left foot to heal has resulted in my right ankle going kaput. 

So now I’m stuck in this inflatable Reebok Pump-style Boot of Shame.

I’ve got this little comedy routine rehearsed in which I compare it to one of those Elizabethan cones that people put on dogs to prevent them from licking themselves. I’ve made half a dozen people laugh about it already. I wonder if this is how Robin Williams felt, using comedy to hide the blackness slowly eating at his soul? 

Don’t worry, I’m not nearly done yet. 

But I would dearly love to smash something into splinters right now. 

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