Day 176: Farewell, Robin

Day 176: Farewell, Robin

Day 176: Farewell, Robin

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

I don’t usually write about celebrities because I think it’s just adding to the white noise, but I will on this occasion because it’s someone I’ve actually met in person. 

Nevermind the date I’ve given this post – I’m still catching up on my photos. Right now it’s August 12 and I’ve just learned of the passing of Robin Williams. 

Naysayers and anti-institutionalists will say that it’s the height of stupidity to mourn someone you never knew; and a sign of weakness to say that someone else’s work could’ve affected your life so profoundly. 

Well I believe that inspiration is wherever we find it, and Robin’s body of work has always been inspirational to me. 

I’ve also met him twice during my career in the media and had meaningful conversations with him. I was, no doubt, one of thousands of faceless journos he’s spoken with, but he made my day when he remembered me as “that Niner fan from Australia.” 

I don’t think I’ve met anyone as generous in spreading joy as him. He was the cool dad that every kid wished they had. It kills me that no one was there to return the favour to him.   

“You’ll never have that kind of relationship in a world where you’re afraid to take the first step because all you see is every negative thing ten miles down the road.”

Amen, Robin. Should I feel ashamed that this philosophical view only took root in my life after I watched Good Will Hunting?

Why should anyone care?

Rest in peace, Robin.

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