Day 144: The fantasy never ended

Day 144: The fantasy never ended

Day 144: The fantasy never ended

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Years ago, when I was young and carefree, the alarm clock on my stereo would play this little number from Final Fantasy VII every morning. It’s an exquisite piece to wake up to and, weirdly, one of my favourite memories. Back then I had to specially import the CD from Japan, whereas now it’s a mere click away on YouTube.

At any rate, while I was taking this photo and faffing about with props and exposure settings, a man walked into the room, sat down at the piano, and began playing this particular song. He then continued playing every single song from the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack, entirely from memory. I could hear he was a bit rusty, but these were finger-tangling chords and cadences and transpositions that no mere novice can belt out.

I was awe-struck. It takes special dedication to have memorised how to play an entire soundtrack, and then retain that knowledge for more than 16 years.

I’m not even sure he knew I was there — I was the only other person in the room. But when he finished, he didn’t say a word. He just got up and left, as though nothing happened.

Thank you, Mystery Nerd. You totally made my day.



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