Day 121: Digital diplomacy

Day 121: Digital diplomacy

Day 121: Digital diplomacy

Thursday, 1 May 2014

After a shaky start, this new journalist and I seem to be getting along very well. I have a tremendous amount of respect for her body of work, but it’s clear from our first face-to-face meeting that we’re cut from a different cloth from each other. Not that it matters either way.

What I found interesting was her take on the state of the media, though. “The industry is going to spend the next ten years contracting” is the tune I tend to sing. She, on the other hand, countered with the opposite: 75 percent of her students have found work in the media.

I took this little factoid on board and played along – my mission was diplomatic. Had the circumstances been different, I would’ve asked what kind of work those students found, and whether it’d be enough to afford the rent, or pay the mortgage.

I’ve no doubt that what she says is true, but it also sounds like one of those bold statements you can easily throw around because it’s based on a fact that nobody would, in good faith, question. I say this because it’s something I do often.

I guess we’ll see…


One thought on “Day 121: Digital diplomacy

  1. I would absolutely question a bold statement such as that. But that may well be because I am one of many journalism grads that have been struggling to find steady work amongst a plethora of ‘work experience’ offers plastered all over the internet, and by legitimate businesses as well. The recent explosion of free internships, work experience opportunities and offers to ‘enhance your portfolio’ by submitting free articles, tells me that, unfortunately, you’re most likely correct in your prediction that the industry will continue to contract.

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