Day 76: The best revenge

Day 76: The best revenge

Day 76: The best revenge

Monday, 17 March 2014

A couple of months ago, a former friend and employer who tried to financially ruin me with an outrageous lawsuit called out of the blue to offer me a job. We hadn’t spoken in six years. I’d spent most of them living by the idea of not wasting my time with negativity, but I did take a moment to savour the satisfaction of telling him he can’t afford me anymore.

Today, the same individual found himself at my mercy in a business pitch. The bastard didn’t have the courage to face me himself, sending a fresh-faced team of naive underlings in his stead.

I have to admit I was tempted to exact a little revenge, but it would not have been honest. And besides, how do I want these people to react if they ever see me out in public in future? It’s a question I often pose myself, as well as to colleagues and superiors: when we’re out of the office, we’re all equals.

Anyway, I gave them their fair shot. I stayed true to my ideals. Through no underhandedness on my part, it legitimately didn’t go their way. And I was blessed to be there to see it happen.


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