Day 71: Just don’t expect a firm handshake

Day 71: Just don't expect a firm handshake

Day 71: Just don’t expect a firm handshake

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

I’m not the kind of person who brags on Facebook about how many squats I can do or how much I can bench. I’m not making a value judgement of the practice – it just seems pretty pointless when there’s no way to prove it except by doing it in front of anyone who challenges the claim (yes, sadly I speak from experience – it was a ridiculous push-up contest with the office’s self-styled alpha-male that, for the record, I won).

But this is a little harder to hide. This is the result of four sessions of Wing Chun a week, sparring with someone who’s got a good 30kg (66lb) on me.


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