Day 34: Leap of faith

Day 34: Leap of faith

Day 34: Leap of faith

Monday, 3 February 2014

I’ve never really said it aloud, and it may well be obvious to anyone who was paying attention, but there was a time that I wanted to leave this country. I chose not to, however, for the sake of my family. And while the reasons for my wanting to leave remain, I’m not the type to mope about it – I’ll find a way to make it work.

But now that my daughter is about to go on her first day to school, the overwhelming feeling I have outside of pride is fear; fear that she’ll go through the same racist bullying, cultural suppression and assimilation that I experienced from the same age for the next 12 years.

Australia, please be kind to my daughter. She is happy, smart, inquisitive, generous and eager to please. She is my gift (and Samantha’s) to the world. Don’t let her turn into me.

Although some of my Caucasian friends tell me things have changed, I have nearly as many Asian friends who say they haven’t.

Please prove them wrong. Prove me wrong. I want so badly for you to prove me wrong.

Because if you can’t, it means I made the wrong choice in staying.


3 thoughts on “Day 34: Leap of faith

  1. All the best to Indy… and to you. My only advice (as one who was bullied as a child for having a lazy eye and a funny accent) is to give her the confidence and the belief in herself to successfully ignore those who are too blind to see her charms.

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