Day 24: For the love of print

Day 24: For the love of print

Day 24: For the love of print

Friday, 24 January 2014

In spite of the tough times ahead I see for print media, I still have a great deal of love for it when it’s done right. I’ve never read this magazine before, and in fact I’m a whole two months late in coming to it. Yet, its contents are timeless. The insights, the ideas, the inspiration that drives other people, all carefully curated in an appealing and functional form; something I can pore over in my own time, with something new to discover each time I come back to it.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but the alternative of being fed so much information that you need to be refreshed with a dozen largely disposable updates every time you have a spare moment can be awfully stressful.

One thought on “Day 24: For the love of print

  1. Haha, I’m old fashioned too – and old! – and I agree with you entirely re print media. Two things come immediately to mind. I love actually holding a magazine, book, whatever in my hand – its solid and tactile, and I can easily write on it if I want to. And with mags (esp Amateur Photographer, from which I’ve learnt so much), I can tear pages out to keep. Good post! Adrian

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