Day 14: Too late to help

Day 14: Too late to help

Day 14: Too late to help

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

“Indy’s knee and ankle have completely swollen up. The doctor doesn’t know what it is. He said we should take her straight to the hospital.”

“Over a mosquito bite?”

“He said it could be an allergic reaction to the bite, but the heat and swelling is ‘worrying’ because he doesn’t know what it is.”

“That sounds like a huge over-reaction. Can you get to another doctor?”

“No. She can’t walk.”

“I can get home in an hour.”


It turns out all Indy needed was some anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. Nothing worth going through the trouble, panic and hassle of a hospital for.

Doctors are meant to be smarter, wiser and possessed of more foresight than me – yet every now and then, I’m reminded of an innate distrust I have in medical practitioners that stems from the odd GP who thinks they’re Gregory House MD.


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