Day 9: I’m an INTJ. Your argument is invalid.

Day 9: I'm an INTJ. Your argument is invalid.

Day 9: I’m an INTJ. Your argument is invalid.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

According to the internet, my celebrity love match is Judge Judy and I have a 12 percent likelihood of being the office psychopath. I have a fearsome temper because I’m born in the year of the Dragon; and because my star sign is Virgo, I am fussy and inflexible. It’s all a load of guff, right?

And according to the Myer-Briggs personality type indicator, I fall within a category called INTJ. It is, apparently, rare. As much as I want to call it nonsense as well, I’ve never seen something predict my behaviour, past and present, with such frightening accuracy.

It explains a lot of things, like why I’m often called confident and aloof or, as Samantha puts it, an arrogant arse. And by that, I don’t mean it in the way people casually attribute certain characteristics to you in the moment, like “Oh, you’re so funny” or “my, aren’t we confident?” or “a bit touchy, are we?” – I mean it the way people tell it you in deadly earnestness. Like the time an old colleague once told me, with the expectation that he’d probably never see me again, “I always thought you were a bit of a cock. But you’re alright.”

This newfound awareness has enabled me to modify my behaviour so as to elicit different reactions from people, but part of me wonders, like all these other personality surveys I’ve taken, whether I’ve simply opened a book of bad omens only to see them everywhere.

One thing’s for sure: Judge Judy does absolutely nothing for me.

5 thoughts on “Day 9: I’m an INTJ. Your argument is invalid.

  1. You’re the second person in as many months who has told me of their INTJ score on Meyers-Briggs – and apparently I’m one too, which is even more rare since I’m a woman. Judge Judy does nothing for me either. haha

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