Day 2: By stealth

Day 2: By stealth

Day 2: By stealth

Thursday, 2 January 2013

The government hacking controversy started by Edward Snowden has led to the most recent revelation that the US government is intercepting shipments of electronic goods before they reach stores and distributors, and then installing physical bugs, malware and so on. While my attitude thus far has been that the NSA is more than welcome to a pristine view of my glorious crotch via the Xbone camera, these latest revelations will frankly make me think twice about buying a lot of things. I might even look into a few of those DIY privacy modifications… like circumventing a hacked video camera with a square of masking tape.

This photo is actually a gigantic fail for me, and I’m leaving it here for me to revisit the concept for another day. Originally I was thinking of something Kosinski-esque, with clean geometric lines and dramatic reflections. Then I decided I only wanted my hand to appear in the reflection, to communicate the idea that the modification is only obvious if you look closely.

But then I ran out of time and had to settle for a transparency effect.


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