Day 235: Origin of an idea

Day 235: Origin of an idea

Day 235: Origin of an idea

Friday, 23 August 2013

Inspired somewhat by the podcast that inspired Kevin Smith to write Tusk, Samantha and I sat down and fleshed out an idea for a movie. We’d mused for a long time about cashing in on the Boomer generation’s influence on Hollywood; an influence that has led to the proliferation of geriatric dramas, geriatric rom-coms, geriatric action movies and so on. Well, our take on the geriatric genre is too absurd for most people to consider – but I forced the issue and I think we’ve got an actual, workable comedy. Which is a weird position for me to be in because I’m probably the unfunniest person on the planet.

I’ve tested the idea on a few trusted friends and they seem to like it.

I guess I’d better start writing…

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