Day 116: Soon…

Day 116: Soon…

Day 116: Soon…

Friday, April 26, 2013: Soon…

Date night consisted of gorging ourselves on as much Mexican food as our bodies could handle, followed by a dark chocolate fondue at Max Brenner.

Iron Man 3 was not, as I’d feared, a case of Hollywood white-washing, but there was something else about it that was altogether absurd. I know a lot of people enjoyed it and I’ll probably fall into the minority saying this, but at no point did I feel any of the protagonists’ lives were in peril. At all. And when you ask yourself what the antagonists were trying to accomplish? Well, the whole story just kind of falls apart.

I know a lot of people who’ll say “Well it’s a dumb popcorn flick – what did you expect?” Well, when a night out with the missus costs upwards of $100 for parking, dinner, tickets etc, on top of co-ordinating a babysitter for the evening, well I just don’t know. Maybe I’m just not as super-keen to throw my money at anything without a decent return. But I’d say I was hoping for more.

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