Day 106: A good impression

Day 106: A good impression

Day 106: A good impression

Tuesday April 16, 2013: A good impression

The last time I was handed a pair of complimentary headphones, it was from Sony and they were rubbish.

These Klipsch Image S4i earbuds, however, are a revelation. I generally don’t use earbuds because I’ve spent enough time dodging idiot pedestrians who are blind (and deaf) to oncoming traffic to ever want to listen to music on the street, but the sound quality is clear and rich – right up there with larger headphones that are two to three times greater in price. My only complaint is that the bass is accelerated a little too much, and you can hear it flare in the deeper notes – but I imagine this is less of a problem when you’re out on the street with a lot of ambient noise.

Anyway, I was using this song as my reference, though obviously a higher-resolution recording.

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