Day 99: Celebrate life, not death

Day 99: Celebrate life, not death

Day 99: Celebrate life, not death

Tuesday, April 9, 2013: Celebrate life, not death

I tried to find the origins of the phrase “speak no ill of the dead” – unfortunately I didn’t have very much luck, so I can’t discuss any grander wisdom behind the phrase beyond my own personal musings.

When Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein were declared dead, I did not “celebrate” per se. I recognised that justice was served after a fashion, and that it was for the greater good, but death is not something I relish.

I cherish all life, in all of its diverse forms. All life is precious.

I choose not to actively celebrate the moment of a person’s death for a multitude of personal reasons. I think it’s malicious, firstly. And, in this case, I think it suggests an inability to let go of the past. I think it suggests a pre-occupation with negativity, and an unwillingness to move on to better things.

My Facebook feed is, right now, filled with vitriol, hate and bile. That’s not what I want my life surrounded by, which is why I’ve been avoiding social media lately and trying to focus on the things I find beautiful and happy.

While I did not experience Margaret Thatcher’s “reforms” personally, I certainly observed their effects from afar and I know of plenty who personally lived through it. I don’t mind a robust discussion about her politics. I don’t mind people calling her a tyrant and a bully. But I draw the line at “Ding dong the bitch is dead”.

Other races, countries and cultures have plenty of demons from their past, and I’d like to think many of us learned to get over them. You’d think the people who feel so strongly about Margaret Thatcher possessed as much class and humility.

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