There’s dust INSIDE my lens?

Dust gets moved around inside the barrel

Dust gets moved around inside the barrel

A couple of weeks ago I complained, in my own way, about all the black dots appearing my photos when shooting in studio conditions. After doing a little reading, I self-diagnosed the problem to be oil spots splattered from the inside. Turns out I was wrong, or at least that’s what the technicians at Nikon HQ tell me.

They said the patterns are more consistent with dust particles, and that they probably come from inside the lenses I use. I’d never considered that before. Then he showed me how turning the focus ring causes the glass element to move back and forth inside the barrel of the lens, which in turn could push errant dust particles around (as illustrated above).

I was happy to take this at face value, but I’m not entirely sure whether to believe it. Aside from being very careful about how, where and when I change my lenses, I also keep any unused lenses capped at both ends and stored in a vacuum-sealed dry-box. That said, I’m struggling to figure out how and when the dust is getting into the barrel of my lenses.

Hey, if I’ve been careless, I’ll happily wear it. Live and learn, I guess… For now, my photos are super-clean again. Happy days.

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