Day 47: Runaway train

Day 47: Runaway train

Day 47: Runaway train

February 16, 2013: Runaway train.

Nestled somewhere in a tiny hamlet 20 minutes west of Sydney is a place called the Sydney Live Steam Locomotive Society. On the third Saturday of every month, this organisation opens its doors to the public to ride its miniature replica steam trains, and it’s a favourite destination for young families.

The prices are straight out of the 1980s – $2 for an adult to enter, hot dogs for $2.50, $1 drinks, shaded areas to have a picnic… there’s at least half a dozen of these replica trains, too, which attracts parents with expensive cameras and giant telephoto lenses. I’m happy to say that I’m not one of them – I was never really much of a train nut. I was happy to wander in with a 24mm prime.

All the same, leave it to me to take a portrait to make the outing seem like something it’s not. The extra photo below is a little truer to the experience.

A tiny slice of Thomas the Tank paradise

A tiny slice of Thomas the Tank paradise


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